Identification of pierced materials characteristics in the aspect of selected degenerated models


A number of theoretical problems are discovered in the application of degenerated models in punching process of ballistic shields. Insufficient knowledge of dynamic behavi ours of these models based on non-linear complex constitutive materials or combination of mixed rheological Maxwell models with linear elastic elements or dissipative is the main reason of the problems. In the engineering application with t he influence of rheological forces the element of mass responsible for force of inertia in dynamic loads is always applied. Taking the forces i nto consideration in dynamic analysis the degenerated system is necessary to use. It is also utilitarian goal of material properties identification in punching process with the use of particle mass (projectile). In this paper, the authors present further results of research in this area. Suppression and dispersion of energy is the crucial phenomena in the punching process of ballistic shields with the use of small arms. Therefore the research presented in the paper concerns systems based on viscotic damping with the dry friction parameter (h). As a result of the research influence of h parameter on time and frequency characteristics under impact stress was estimated. Analytic calcul ations and simulations of the examination were validat ed by experimental test and measurements. With the basis on the results the final conclusions were formulated.

Journal of KONES
Krzysztof Jamroziak
Krzysztof Jamroziak